The One Person One Hour Pier

Pier Conforms to the Shoreline

Manufactured in Wisconsin by Windsor Industries Inc., the Pier-A-Matic offers a sleek shape and multiple decking choices which blend into your shoreline environment, retaining clear views of both shoreline and water activities.

3 Easy Installation Steps

  • Place Legs (10-15 lbs) into Water
  • Insert and Slide Side Rails (10 lbs)
  • Lay-in Deck Panels (20-27 lbs)

One Person Pier Installation

No fasteners are required for annual installation and since there are no components heavier than 27 pounds. One person can install a forty foot pier in less than one hour! Your Pier-A-Matic comes with laminated installation instructions, a professional quality adjustment wrench, and a video accessed through this website.


PAMdeck, our most popular decking, is the best skid-resistant, no-rot decking available. The textured surface is also very comfortable for walking and sunbathing. PAMdeck features a solid deck surface (no gaps) which gives a secure feeling and accommodates all shoes, feet and deck furniture. Formulated from the highest quality exterior grade high density polyethylene (HDPE), PAMdeck is available in two colors; beige and white. Both stay cool in the sun.

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