Q. Why do you call it a pier and not a dock?

A pier is a structure built in a body of water and connected to shore.  A dock is any space beside a pier that can moor a boat.  A dock is an area of water surface that can be occupied by a boat next to a pier.  Thus dry docks exist to repair ships.  All piers should be dry on their surface.

Q. How much adjustment is there on the Pier-A-Matic legs?

Our standard height adjustment is 24″.  The telescoping foot tubes have +/- 9″ of adjustment and the above water telescoping adjustment is +6″.

Q. How do I store my pier during winter?

During the offseason, the Pier-A-Matic decking and frame stack in a minimum space, allowing convenient indoor storage for the off season. If indoor storage space is a premium, you can also store the deck outside.  It won’t rust since it is aluminum.

Q. What type of maintenance is required?


Q. Do you offer pier accessories?

Yes, we carry benches, tables, boat/canoe racks, ladders, rub rails (vertical and horizontal), rafts, auger posts, stairs (with handrails), and installation poles.  View our entire line of pier accessories.

Q. How do I prepare an order for my new Pier-A-Matic?

1. Select Shore Attachment Point – Pier-A-Matic must be fastened securely at shore using the starter piece. The starter piece can be attached to any shoreline structure including a step leading to the water, a retaining wall, or a 4″x 4″ piece of treated lumber with 3/4″ pipes driven through it into the ground. Choose a point out of reach of the winter ice. This will ensure a consistent starting point for the pier and eliminate the need to reset the starter piece and readjust the pier each spring. Specify the type of shoreline you have and we will include all the parts you need. In rare cases, permanent attachment of the starter piece is impossible. We have several alternatives available. Contact us if this is the case.

2. Measure Water Depth – From the shore attachment point chosen in Step 1 extend a rope marked in eight foot increments with electrical tape. At each mark measure the depth of the water. To make the measurement, we recommend a pole marked in six inch increments, which allows estimates to be made with accuracy of one inch. Measure water depths for “L” sections if lake bed slopes parallel to the shoreline. For soft lake bottoms, measure to the bottom of your foot.

3. Determine Height of Deck Above Water – Generally, pier decks 18″ to 24″ above the water are most convenient for boat access and for passing beneath the pier. Pier-A-Matic sections can incline up or down from the shore attachment point. Deck should be higher than storm waves. Total height of pier should be less than two times the width for stability.

Q. How do I store my boat or canoe?

We have boat racks and canoe racks that easily attach to the Pier-A-Matic. Boats easily slide in and out of the water.

Q. Do you have stairs that attach to the pier?

Yes. Our stairs are designed for easy access by children and older adults. The 12″ x 46″ treads are comfortable to walk on. Optional handrails are available.

Q. What is a Dry Installation Pole?

A Dry Installation Pole is a pole used for installing the legs of your Pier-A-Matic pier.  It is not required.

Q. What type of pier layouts do you offer?

The Pier-A-Matic modular design offers you an almost unlimited variety of pier shapes and sizes to conform to your shoreline, boating and swimming needs. Sections can be easily added or reconfigured. Our standard sections are 8′ long in a choice of 3′, 4′, 5′, 6′, 8′ and 12′ widths. Custom widths, lengths and angles are also available.

Q. Do you have a warranty?

Yes. Windsor Industries, Inc. warrants Pier-A-Matic and accessories to be free from defects in material and workmanship under normal and accepted use. This warranty will be in effect for a period of one (1) year from date of purchase in original installation only when installed in accordance with installation instructions. Excluded are all incidents of abuse including, but not limited to, ice, boat, or storm damage. Any adjustment under this warranty shall not exceed the original purchase price of the component reported to have failed. It will remain Windsor Industries, Inc.’s option to resolve any claim covered under this warranty by either component replacement or refund. Windsor Industries, Inc. reserves the right to improve all of its products by changing specifications without notice.