Pier-A-Matic Puts Safety First

Pier-A-Matic is certified by independent, registered professional engineers to meet and exceed the National Residential Building Code. There are no sharp edges, no exposed pipe ends, and no places for a child to hook an arm. Pier-A-Matic is also available in Commercial Building Code strength for condominiums and camps.

Sturdy, Rust-Free Piers

We utilize only rust-proof aluminum extrusions and castings with stainless steel fasteners. We do not use any welds which are difficult for pier owners to repair after breaking. The sturdy design eliminates the shake and wobble found in ordinary piers.

Pier Decking Materials

As the leader in pier design, Pier-A-Matic offers choices in standard decking materials, all using the same frame. Traditionalists are pleased with our cedar decking. “DIYers” appreciate the ability to purchase our frame system and install their own deck, permitting cost savings and the ultimate in customization.

Unique Slide and Lock Pier System

Windsor Industries’ Pier-A-Matic features a unique locking system. Each piece easily slides and locks into place. One 4’x 8′ section (our most popular) is composed of one set of legs, two side rails and four unitized deck panels (4′ x 2′). Almost all parts are interchangeable.

  • Heaviest Piece is 27 pounds
  • Above Water Height Adjustment
  • No Screws, Bolts, or Nuts
  • Compact Storage
  • Meets National Building Code for Residential Floors
  • Maintenance Free